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About the Foundation

The Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno Educational Foundation supports, promotes and operates programs, projects, and collaborative efforts in Texas, primarily in the East, Southeast, Gulf Coast region and Greater Houston area, that serve to encourage the abilities of children with special needs.

In 1996, just short of law school graduation, our co-founder Steve Mostyn lost his mother to cancer.   His mother had worked with students with special needs.  It was a true joy of her life to be involved with these children.  Out of a mixture of grief, fond memories, and his love for her, Steve teamed up with one of his sisters, a special education teacher, to give back to those children that had made his mother so happy.  He provided funds so his sister’s special needs students could shop for Christmas gifts.  It was done quietly, without fanfare, for years. Sometimes, his best friend Texas State Representative Joe Moreno would join him on these trips to Jacksonville, Texas.

The Christmas trips soon grew to include more than his sister’s students.  By 2005, five school district’s special needs students shared in Steve’s generosity, including the school where his mother worked.  It was also the year that his best friend’s life was tragically ended in an auto accident.

In 2006, Steve and his wife Amber decided to create the Glenda Jean Mostyn & Joe E. Moreno Educational Foundation to memorialize his mother and his dear friend.  Both cared very deeply about education and providing the best for children of Texas.  This charity’s sole mission is providing children with special needs opportunities to be successful.

The Foundation’s focus is specifically on children with special needs.  Over the years, the foundation has added and expanded its programming to include 19 school districts in the “Christmas Lights” program – an experiential life skill training program, and adding our “Community Connections” program – a special needs child assistance program for families, and our “V.I.P. Day” program – a high school students’ self-esteem improvement effort.

2016 marked the charity’s ten-year anniversary of faithfully serving over 2,000 children with special needs and their families every year, fulfilling the mission lived by its namesakes and as envisioned by its founders.

Founders Amber and Steve Mostyn talk about creating the foundation, early influences, and support of a local Houston charity (2013)