From time to time, we discover interesting posts, unique programs, and great resources for families that have children with special needs.  In most cases, we post links to our social media accounts in an effort to share our discovery.  Yesterday, we found a posting on the “Don’t Pay in Full” blog.  The article, written by Irina Vasilescu, shares numerous links to resources to obtain travel assistance, therapy tools and mobility aids, limited financial assistance, and “extras”.  We posted a link to our social media accounts and it has become one of our most shared posts.  Here is the link for the blog post.  Feel free to check it out and share! THE COMPLETE LIST OF FREE THINGS AND GRANTS FOR KIDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS

This is not an endorsement and we share the link only as a possible resource for those that may find it useful.

We are so thrilled to announce the publishing of our new, improved, and updated website.  This redesign is the result of many weeks of discussion, web design, technical finesse, and team effort. A special thanks to Chris and Dan for getting us over the finish line.

We hope you enjoy the improvements in design and content throughout the various pages.

Improvements include:

  • the showcasing of our sponsors
  • the ability to apply for the VIP program online!
  • use of an easy to edit format so we can update our site quickly
  • updated content
  • a link to our 2018 Joe Moreno Charity Classic and other upcoming events
  • and more!