Mostyn Moreno Foundation Principals Receive Award

Foundation Founders Steve and Amber Mostyn, along with Executive Director Monte Osburn, received the “Spotlight on Excellence” Award from Port Neches–Groves ISD (PNG ISD) School Board.

Original Story:

GROVES — On April 14th, the Port Neches – Groves Independent School District’s school board awarded the district’s “Spotlight on Excellence” award to Steve and Amber Mostyn and Monte Osburn. The award recipients were nominated by PNG ISD’s Special Education Director Jeff Kuchar for their ongoing involvement with the district’s life skills students. The Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno Educational Foundation (Mostyn Moreno Foundation) has operated their “Christmas Lights” program and “V.I.P. Day” program within the PNG ISD for several years. The foundation was founded by Steve and Amber Mostyn. Monte Osburn serves as the foundation’s executive director.

“We are honored to be recognized by the district,” Osburn stated, “and hope that this occasion will bring attention to the great work being done by Mr. Kuchar, his special education teachers, and staff for the children in the community.”

Rusty Brittain, PNG ISD school board president, presented a certificate and PNG lapel pin to each recipient as the audience from the community applauded. One member of that audience was Kasey Almonte. She is one of the 2014 recipients of the foundation’s V.I.P. Day.

The “Christmas Lights” program benefits students enrolled in a Texas public school district’s life skills classrooms during the Christmas season. Unlike other programs that solicit toys to give to needy children, our program takes children to a local retail store so they may select and purchase their own Christmas gifts. This allows the children to use critical skills such as math, decision–making, social skills and other important life skills with the guidance of their teachers. Following each special shopping trip, the students and their families are provided a catered holiday luncheon with their teachers and Santa Claus.

The “V.I.P. Day” Program focuses on improving the self–worth and self–esteem of girls and boys with special needs enrolled in public schools. The student, accompanied by their parent(s), is treated to a day that may include hair styling, manicure, pedicure, make–up, lunch and shopping for a complete new set of clothes. The “V.I.P. Day” is held twice a year: as a back–to–school event and a prom, where seniors are provided a tuxedo rental or prom dress.

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