I Know Joe

A long-time activist in helping to improve his community, Representative Joe E. Moreno had been involved for many years in the Resurrection Catholic Church, Harris County Tejano Democrats, and the League of United Latin American Citizens Council Number Sixty. He had also held the position of Harris County Precinct Judge for Precinct 62.

The Honorable Joe E. Moreno (1964-2005)On May 6, 2005, Texas State Representative Joe E Moreno’s died in an automobile accident.  Our foundation bears his name. I wanted to take the time and tell you that I know Joe. Now, that might be considered an odd statement when I tell you that I have never met Joe. But, I know him.

You see, I believe you can know a man by the company he keeps.  I know Joe because I know Joe’s mother, Alice. Mrs. Moreno is an elegant woman. She is easily approachable and quick to recall fond memories of Joe. She smiles such a lovely smile when she thinks of Joe. This matriarch holds family dearly and gives me a clear view of the home Joe was raised.  Yes, I know Joe.

I know Joe because I know the woman Joe loved until the day he died. Alejandra Aguilar is a beautiful woman. She is smart, educated, and strong.  She too remembers stories of Joe fondly. Alejandra is very passionate about children, especially those with disabilities. She is an educator, a counselor, and a mentor in a public school. Charity comes from deep within her heart. She wants to make a difference. Yes, I know Joe.

Finally, I know Joe because I know his best friend. Steve Mostyn is a highly successful trial lawyer. He cares fervently for those that cannot defend themselves. He is a family man. Steve has an unbelievable work ethic, driven by his desire to make a difference. Steve is also very kind-hearted and charitable, especially when it involves a child with special needs.  Steve created the foundation out of his love for his mother and for Joe. Yes, I know Joe.

I hope today you will pause a moment and think of Joe. Maybe you know someone the way I know Joe. Take the time to honor that person’s memory and share an act of kindness today. I know Joe would appreciate it.

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